IX International Scientifically-Practical Conference
mine survey
aerial survey
15-16 February 2018, Moscow Novotel Center

Wednesday, October 04, 2017
The new camera features an unrivaled 26,460 pixels across the flight strip and 17,004 pixels in flight direction, summing up to 449 mega pixel per image
Friday, June 23, 2017
Parrot Disco-Pro AG is the all-in-one multi-purpose drone solution for farmers that fits in their everyday tool box to help them improve the ROI of their crops. This end to end solution allows farmers and small agriculture cooperative to have easily and quickly insights on the health of their crops thanks to visual crop scouting and NDVI maps. Parrot Disco-Pro AG is the easy to use and reliable solution that allows you to quickly identify crop health and problem areas
Friday, June 02, 2017

senseFly Corridor is new ‘platform enhancement’ . This combined hardware and software solution vastly simplifies the drone mapping of linear infrastructure and sites

Wednesday, March 01, 2017
Teledyne Optech is pleased to announce the latest addition to its innovative line of airborne laser terrain mappers, the ALTM™ Galaxy T1000. This new system combines a 1000-kHz effective ground measurement rate with Optech’s award-winning SwathTRAK™ technology to create the most compact, most efficient, and most versatile lidar sensor available today






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Preliminary list of participants
“Geodesy, Mine Survey and Aerial Topography. At the turn of the centuries”

February 18-19

The listmay change

Last Updated: 11.02.2016

Alexandrov Maxim, Geo-Alliance, General Director, Moscow

Alyabiev Anna, Technology 2000б Head of Division, Yekaterinburg

Anashkin Pavel, Uralgeoinform, CEO, Yekaterinburg

Anikeeva Irina, Center of geodesy and cartography, Moscow

Antoshkin Denis, GISware Integro, Leading Specialist, Moscow

Apostolidou Vasileia, Applanix, Regional Support Manager, Germany

Arkhipov Vladimir, Lesproekt (forestry), Development Director, St. Petersburg

Babashkin Nikolai, Aviaphotoinform, Deputy General Director, Moscow

Bolsunovsky Mikhail, Sovzond, First Deputy General Director, Moscow

Bokhan Olga, JSC "Roskartografia", Assistant Director of Public Relations, Moscow

Breg Engelbert, Vexcel Imaging, Sales Director, Austria

Brovko Elena, JSC Research and production center “Priroda”, Academic Secretary, Head of Sector for Scientific and Technical Information, Moscow

Valkov Denis, SPC "Universal technology and development," Head of Department for the Field of Archaeological Research

Vasileysky Alexander, NIIAS, Head of Space Technology Implementation Center, Moscow

Vasilyev Yuri, Journal of Engineering Surveys, Editor in Chief, Moscow

Vasin Kirill, GPS Com R&PC, Head of Aerial Survey Department, Moscow

Veltischeva Olga, Mosgorgeotrest, Deputy Head of Engineering Geodesy Department, Moscow

Verzunov Yuri, JSC "Transputstroy", Head of Information Department, Taganrog

Vorobyova Natalia, SC "Unmanned Systems", Head of Department, Izhevsk

Voronov Gennadiy, Gazprom geotechnology, Chief Surveyor, Moscow

Vyunov Mikhail, Jena Instrument R&PC, Head of Processing Department

Goloshchapov Gennady, Norilskgeologiya

Golub Darya, VNIIFTRI, Engineer Surveyor, Mendeleevo

Golygin Nikolai, MIIGAiK, Professor, Moscow

Christian Grimm, IGI, CEO, Germany

Gromyko Artem, Irkutskzheldorproekt, Leading Engineer of Surveyors Group, Irkutsk

Grokholsky Dmitry, Credo-Dialog, Engineer-analyst of CREDO geodetic area

Groshev Victor, news agency "GROM", General Director, Moscow

Denisenko Oleg V., VNIIFTRI, Deputy General Director, Head of Research Department, Mendeleevo

Doroshenko Sergey, 3D satellite navigation, Director

Dubenskov Sergey , FSBI 27th Central scientific research Institute of Russian Ministry of Defense, Head of Department

Dudin Eugene, Realesmedia, General Director, Moscow

Emelyanov Yury, Technopol Company, Deputy Director, Dubna

Efimov Sergey, JSC Research and production center “Priroda”, Director of Research and Technology Complex, Moscow

Zharikova Natalya, Navgeokom, Business Assistant GSR Russia, Moscow

Zazerin Andrey, JSC "Giprogazcenter", Head of Engineering Survey, Nizhny Novgorod

Zakharov Konstantin, Mosgorgeotrest, Engineer, Moscow

Zelentsov Sergey, Journal of Geodesy and Cartography, Editor in Chief, Moscow

Kaveshnikov Maxim, MIIGAiK, Associate Professor, Moscow

Kadnachansky Sergey, Center of geodesy and cartography, Head Arial Survey, Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry

Kalabin Evgeny, ArtGeo, Leading Engineer of Laser Scanning, Moscow

Karas Sergei, Mosgorgeotrest, Head of Group, Moscow

Kiselev Dmitry, JSC "Transputstroy", Leading Specialist, Moscow

Kozlov Alexander, Navgeokom, Head of Department, Moscow

Kolesnikova Olga, Sovzond, Head of Complex Projects, Moscow

Kondrashina Alexander, Xenics, General Director Russia, Moscow

Kochergin Dmitriy, Racurs, Head of Support Department, Moscow

Krasnikov Dmitri, JSC "Roskartografia", General Director, Moscow

Krestyannikov Sergey, Geoinformation, Director General, Kemerovo

Kryzhanovsky Sergey, Mosgorgeotrest, Leading Engineer, Moscow

Kubarko Pavel, Novgorod Airborn Company, Chief Engineer, Veliky Novgorod

Kuzmin Maksim, Geoinformation, Chief Engineer, Kemerovo

Kuznetsov Vasily, Gazprom Space Systems, Director of the Space Monitoring Center, Moscow

Kukareko Ivan, Credo-Dialogue, Head of Geodetic and Cadastral Department

Kukushkin Dmitry, GEOSTROYIZYSKANIYA, Leading Specialist, Moscow

Kurkov Vladimir, MIIGAiK, Moscow

Lavrov Viktor, Innoter, General Director, Moscow

Loginov Sergey, Geoinformaitika, Chief Engineer, Moscow

Mazurkiewicz Andrey, VNIIFTRI, Head of Department

Mayorov Andrey, MIIGAiK, Moscow

Malinnikov Vasiliy, MIIGAiK, Moscow

Manovich Vladimir, Roslesinforg (forestry), Head of Department, Moscow

Manoilo Dmitry, Transputstroy, Head of Geodetic Support departmnt, Moscow

Marinov Boryl, Fairway, Programmer, St. Petersburg

Medvedev Paulina, Geo-Alliance, Specialist of Remote Sensing, Moscow


Miller Sergey, GIS Association of Russia, President, Moscow

Mitsevich Lyudmila, SC "Unmanned Systems", Leading Airborne Survey Geodesist, Izhevsk

Nikitin Kirill, Norilskgeologiya, Senior Surveyor

Novokschenov Vitaly, Experimental Optical and Mechanical Plant, General Director, Moscow

Okatov Alexander, Mosgorgeotrest, Lead Engineer, Moscow

Olefirenko Alexander, OJSC "Roskartografia", Head of Department, Moscow

Ohotin Anatoly, Irkutsk State Technical University, Head of the Department, Irkutsk

Permyakov Roman, Racurs, Technical Support Manager, Moscow

Petukhov Mikhail, Navgeokom, Head of "Geospatial Solutions", Moscow

Popov Oleg, Transputstroy, Deputy Chief Technologist, Moscow

Prohorenko Andrey, JSC "Roskartografia", Production Director, Moscow

Raizman  Yuri, VisionMap, VP EMEA & Chief Scientist, Israel

Ruiz Jesus, Key Account and Business Development Manager Applanix Airborne Europe

Rilskiy Ilya, Sovzond, Director of Science and Innovation, Moscow

Samokhin Alexandr, SATEL, Krasnodar

Sedelnikov Vladimir, JSC Research and production center “Priroda”, General Director, Moscow

Semenov Alexey, Mosgorgeotrest, Head of Department, Moscow

Serebryakov Sergey, JSC "Roskartografia", Director of the Scientific and Technical Center, Moscow

Seredovich Vladimir, Siberian State University Geosystems and Technology, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation, Novosibirsk

Sechin Andrei, Racurs, Scientific Director, Moscow

Sibirtsev Andrey, VNIPIgazodobycha, Head of Department

Skornykov Maxim, Mosgiprotrans, Chief Specialist, Moscow

Skribtsov Pavel, Pawlin Technologies Ltd., General Director, Moscow

Smirnov Alexey, Racurs, Technical Support Manager, Moscow

Stolyarenko Dmitri, Geomatics R&PC, Technical Director, Moscow

Stupko Michael, GeoMax, Regional Director

Syachin Alexey, Photonica, Product Manager, St. Petersburg

Tel'nov Vasili, JSC "Giprogazcenter" Chief Surveyor, Nizhny Novgorod

Tolchin Efim, VNIPIgazodobycha, Head of Unit, Saratov

Ustinov Nikolai, Navgeokom, Deputy Head Directions "Geospatial Solutions", Moscow

Filatov Valery, JSC "Concern RTI Systems ", President of Association of Professional Topographic Services ", Moscow

Hil Vitaly, JSC "Giprotruboprovod", Chief Surveyor

Shalamova Victoria, Roskartografia, Head of GIS Departmnt, Moscow

Sharapov Michael, VNIPIgazdobycha, Head of Field Party, Saratov

Shtrakbeyn Yakov, Gazprom Exploration, Senior Engineer, Department for organization and geophysical studies, Tyumen

Shulyakovsky Vsevolod, ArtGeo, Head of the Department of laser scanning, Moscow

Yudin Anton, Centrum efficient technologies, Technical Director, Moscow

Yudin Ilya, DigitalGlobe, Regional Manager

Yankush Alexander, GNSS plus, Technical Director, Moscow