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V The Conference “Geodesy, Mine Survey and Aerial Photography. At the turn of the centuries”

The Program of the V Conference
“Geodesy, Mine Survey and Aerial Topography. At the turn of the centuries”

February 13

08:30 – 09:30 Lobby of «Paris» hall, Registration, Welcome coffee-break

09:30 – 11.00 «Paris» hall – The official opening of the Conference and plenary meeting «GMA. At the turn of centuries»

Official representative of The Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr),

Andrey Mayorov, Professor, chancellor of Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography,

Vladimir Seredovich, Professor, vice-chancellor for Innovations works of Siberian State Academy of Geodesy,

Sergey Miller, Russian GIS-Association,

Anatolii Okhotin, Professor, A chief of mine surveying and geodesy chair, National research Irkutsk State Technical University,

Galina Bozhchenko General Director of Jena Instrument Company, V.А.Seredovich, Professor, vice-chancellor for Innovations works

Sergey Miller, GIS-Association (Moscow) – Current situation on the Russian geodesic market

Aktxander Borisenko, Committee on Land Resources of St. Petersburg – Regional Information System “GIS of St. Petersburg”

Valéry Filatov, Association of topographic service professionals, Sergey Prysiazhnyuk, Institute of Telecommunications (St. Petersburg)  – Cognitive GIS

11:00 – 11:20 Lobby of «Paris» hall, Coffee-break

11:20 – 13.00  «Paris» hall – Section 1: Airborne laser scanning and digital aerial photography

Michael Zarzeczny,, Optech Inc (Canada) – Delivering a complete Airborne Solution

Alexander Wiechert, Vexcel Imaging GmbH (Austria) – UltraCam and UltraMap – an Update

Kirill Vasin, Jena Instrument (Moscow) – Experience of integration and application of UltraCam Eagle with DA-42 aircraft

Jason Howse, ITRES Research Limited (Canada) – Sensor & Application Developments at ITRES Research Limited

Yuri Raizman, VisionMap (Israel) – The advantages analysis of A3 EDGE – the new mapping system model from VisionMap

13.00 – 13:45 lunch

13:45 – 15.40 «Paris» hall – Section 2: Experience of implementing complex geodetic technology based on a large state-owned enterprise

Vladimir Arkhipov, Roslesinforg – Up-to-date technologies for forest inventory: aerial photointerpretation method “From imagery to the project.” The results of experimental testing. Prospects for the introduction

Yuri Raizman, VisionMap (Israel) – From prospects to achievement: analysis of productivity for A3 technology by the example of project in Priozersk

Alexey Smirnov, Racurs (Moscow) – PHOTOMOD solutions for forest taxation

Yuri Kantemirov, Sovzond (Moscow) – Implementation in FSUE “Roslesinforg” of technology of all-weather and all-season monitoring of forest total and partial cutting and of quantitive forest parameters mapping using satellite SAR data

Georgy Shulgin, Research Institute of Applied Telematics (SpaceTeam) (Moscow) – Creating an automated monitoring system of transport infrastructure with GLONASS and GPS

Valery Sofronov, Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (Kazan) – The analysis materials of GIS engineering infrastructure

13.45-16.15 The «London» hall – Section 3: Workshops

Maxim Alexandrov, Geo-Aliance (Moscow) – Geomatica 2013 и GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) – advanced technology and rapid automatic processing of aerial photographs and satellite images

Oliver Zimmermann, Intergraph: Work with LIDAR data in Intergraph & Erdas software

15.45 – 16.00 Lobby of «Paris» hall, Coffee-break
16.15 – 16.30 Lobby of «London» hall, Coffee-break

16.00 – 18.30 «Paris» hall – Section 4: News of navigation equipment market and practical use

Vladimir Vdovin, independent expert  (Moscow) – The role of coordinate systems in modern geodesy and surveying

Maria Gorbunova, GPS COM (Moscow) – Results of testing the new service of NovAtel Company

Mikhail Kapitonov, Maxim Tatarchenko, GPS COM (Moscow) Evaluating GNSSToolkit: experimental results and possible applications

Nikolay Goligin, Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography – Method of levelling of 1 and 2 classes measuring system with digital instrument

Sergey Pulinets, Space Research Institute, RAS (Moscow) – Impact of space weather and seismic ionospheric disturbances on the quality of the signals of global navigation systems

Maxim Kaveshnikov, Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography – The development experience of the field GNSS data collecting program without device connection

Maxim Magera, Geopribor (St. Petersburg) – GeoMax. XPAD – software of future

16.30 – 18.30 The «London» hall – Section 3: Workshops (continuation)

Oliver Zimmermann, Intergraph: Work with LIDAR data in Intergraph & Erdas software

18.30 – 22:00 grand stand-up meal restaurant


February 14

08:30 – 09:30 a.m. Lobby of «Paris» hall, Registration, Welcome Coffee-break 

09.30 – 11.20 «Paris» hall – Section 5: UAV and their practical experience of use

Alexey Semenov, PLAZ (St. Petersburg) –  Technology of topographical survey with UAVs “Geoscan”

Dmitriy Inozemtsev, PLAZ (St. Petersburg) –  Practical Application of UAVs “Geoskan” in engineering surveys

Kirill Vasin, GPS COM (Moscow) – Results of the year: practical experience of use eBee (SenseFly)

Anatolii Okhotin, National research Irkutsk State Technical University (Irkutsk) – Experience of using UAVs in engineering survey

Nikita Zakharov, ZALA AERO GROUP (Izhevsk) – Advantages of UAV  ZALA in solving problems of geodesy, cartography and surveying

Sergey Kadnichanskiy, GosNIIAS (Moscow) – Comparative performance analysis of aerial survey using manned and unmanned aerial systems

11.20-11.30 The Lobby of «Paris» hall, Coffee-break

11.30-13.10  The «Paris» hall – Section 6: Terrestrial and mobile scanning technology

Vladimir Yashkin, Technokauf (Moscow) – Trimble Mobile mapping systems

Sergey Savrukhin, Jena Instrument  (Moscow) – Geodetic surveying of linear pipelines Mobile with Optech Mobile Mapper M1

Christian Grimm, IGI (Germany) – Ingenieur-Gesellschaft fuer Interfaces (Germany) – IGI Systems for Aerial Survey & Mobile Mapping: RESULTS

Ivan Klimenok, NIPIStroyTEK (Moscow) – Advanced methods of topographical survey for designing, reconstruction and servicing roads

Maxim Altintsev, Siberian State Academy of Geodesy (Novosibirsk) – Features of joint mobile laser scanning data processing obtained in different time periods

13.10-14.00 lunch

14.00 – 16.00 «Paris» hall – Section 8: State-of-the-art technologies of geo-spatial data processing

Natalia Rubtsova, SOVZOND (Moscow) – INPHO 5.6.2. From space to UAVs

Philipp Meixner, MEIXNER IMAGING (Austria) – Euclideon In-Depth: How Geoverse is Changing the Geospatial Industry

Iryna Wetzel, Intergraph Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) (Switzerland) – New release software Erdas & Intergraph version 2014

Andrey Sechin, Racurs Company (Moscow) – New Dense DSM Creation Algorithm in PHOTOMOD

Olga Moskovskaya, POINT (Moscow) – GeoSolution: geology in  AutoCAD Civil 3D

16.00 – 16.20  Coffee-break

16.20 – 18.00  The «Paris» hall – Section 9: Current methods ERS and fields of their application

Elena Kravtsova, Innoter Geoinnovation Agency (Moscow) – The images received from space vehicles accuracy comparative study

Leon Rizzi, Digital Globe (USA) – High Resolution Satellite Imagery Solutions used in the Mining Industry

Yuri Kantemirov, Sovzond (Moscow) – Satellite SAR monitoring of ground and constructions displacements and deformations

Discussion of the bill “On geodesy, cartography and spatial data”

18.00 – 22:00 grand stand-up meal

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